KRISHNA In Brief(As on 11.08.2020)

1) Krishna was born 5,252years ago as on 11/08/2020

2)Date of birth 18th July, 3,228BC

3)month-shravan, thithi-Ashtami, nakshatra-Rohini, Day-wednesday, Time-00.00a.m.

4)Sri Krishna lived 125years, 08months, 07days.

5)Date of death-18th February,3,102.

6)When Krishna was 89years old, the mega war (kurukshetra),took place. He died 36years after the kurukshetra war.

7) kurukshetra war took place on mrigashira shukla ekadasi, BCE 3139. i.e, started on 8th, December 3,139 and ended on 25th December, 3139.

8)There was a solar eclipse from3p.m. to 5p.m. cause the death of Jayadrath.

9) Bhishma died on, Ekadasi, Utharayan.

10)Krishna is worshipped as Krishna Kanhaiya-Mathura, Jagannath in Odisha, Vithoba in Maharashtra,Srinath in Rajasthan,Dwarakadeesh in Gujarat,Rachchod in Gujarat, Krishna in Udupi, Karnataka.

11) Biological father-Vasudev, Biological mother-Devaki, Adopted father-Nanda, Adopted mother-Yasoda, Brother-Balaram, Sister-Subadra, Birth place-Mathura. Wives-Rukmini, Satyabhama,Jambavati, Kalindi,Mitravinda, Nagnajiti, lakshmana,Bhadra.

12) Krishna is reported to have killed 4 people in his life time.1)chanoora, wrestler,2)kamsa (his maternal uncle),3)Shishupala and dantavakra (his cousins).

13) Life was not fair to him. His mother was from ugra clan and father is from Yadav clan. Inter Racial marriage.

14)He was born dark skinned and was not at all name in his entire life. People of Gokul call him, black skinned (Krishna). He was redeculed and teased for being born dark skinned and for being adopted.His childhood was wrought with life threatening situations.

15) Drought and wild wolves drove the villagers from Gokul to Vrindavan when Krishna was 9yrs old.

16) He stayed in Vrindavan till the age of 14-16. He killed his maternal uncle Kamsa in the age of 14-16 and released his biological parents from jail. He never returned to Vrindavan ever again.

17)He had to migrate from Dwaraka to Mathura due to the threat of a Sindhu king, Kala Yavana.

18)He defeated Jarasndh with the help of Vainatheya, tribes of Gomantaka hill (now Goa).

19)He rebuilt Dwaraka and left for his schooling at the age of 16-18 to Sanipani Ashram, in Ujjain.

20)He had to fight the pirates of Africa, who kidnapped his teacher’s son Punar Datta, near Prabhasa a seaport in Gujarat.

21)After his return from education, he came to know about the fatal vanavas of his cousins (Pandavas). He came to rescue his cousins from wax house and then they got married to Draupadi. His role was immense in this saga.

22)Then he helped his cousins to establish the kingdom Indraprastha. He saved Draupadi from embarassment. He stood with his cousins during their exile. He also made them to win the kurukshetra war.

23)He saw his cherished Dwaraka,washed away.

24)He was killed by a hunter,.(Jara by name) near by forest.

25)His life was not successful. His life was full of challenges.There was not single moment of peace in his entire life.

26)He faced everything and everyone with a sense of responsibility and yet stayed unattached.

27)He was the only person who knows past and future but always lived in the present.

28)He and his life is truly an example for every human being.

Jai Sri Krishna 🙏🙏🙏

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