Judge – Did you shout the slogan that India will be broken into pieces?
Accused – Yes

Judge – Did you shout the slogan of Pakistan Zindabad ?
Accused- Yes

Judge – you opposed and insulted the National Anthem and the National Flag?
Accused – yes

Judge – did you support terrorism and Naxalism?
Accused – Yes

Judge – did you support raising weapons against the military, police?
Accused – yes

Judge – did you damage government property?
Accused – Yes

Judge – did you hoist the flag of Pakistan?
Accused – Yes

Judge – why did you do this, you know what is the punishment?

Accused – Yes, I have done this very thoughtfully…. Before this I was anonymous person, longing for small things, but since I did that I have come into the category of honorable people.

Big leaders of national and regional parties like Rahul, Sonia, Lalu, Maya, Akhilesh, Mamta, Pawar, Devegowda, Yechury, Abdullah, Kejriwal are restless to meet me!!

I am getting calls all day long, someone or the other of them comes to meet me every morning and evening…. Good political analysts are debating my ideology.

Journalists like Ravish Kumar, Rajdeep, Barkha, Prasoon, Shekhar Gupta are praising us, articles are being written on me in print media. There are debates on me on TV channels.

Yesterday I was worried about getting a small job, today offers are coming from big parties to contest for assembly and parliamentary elections….. I don’t know from where, but crores of rupees have come into my account……

Judge – but this is treason, you can be prosecuted for treason…..

Accused – No problem….. Country’s renowned lawyers like Kapil Sibbal, Manu Sanghvi, Prashant Bhushan those who defended Yakoob Memon, Kasab and Afzal are itching to get me out….

It will take 20 years to convict me. Then I will go to the upper court….

This article is not a joke.
Leaders like Jignesh, Kanhaiya, Umar Khalid, Sheila Rashid, Hardik, Alpesh, Owaisi, Azam and Ajmal have become famous due to such actions.🥲

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