is not always found In Bottles Tablets or
Let us Understand 22 world’s Best medicines…
1 Detoxification
is a medicine
2 Quitting Junk Food
is a medicine
*3 Exercise is a medicine.
4 Fasting is a medicine.
5 Nature is a medicine.
6 Laughter is a medicine.
7- 8 Vegetables And Fruits are medicines
9 Sleep is a medicine.
10 Sunlight is a medicine
11-12 Gratitude & Love
are medicines
13 Friends are medicines.
14 Meditation is a Medicine.
15 Being Fearless is a Medicine
16 Postive Attitude is a Medicine
17 Unconditional Love towards all living beings
is a medicine
18 Listening is a medicine
19 – 20 Speaking up & Sharing are medicines.
21 Accepting is a medicine.
22 Staying in”PRESENT MOMENT” is the “Best Medicine”

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