Question~ After darshan in the temple, sit down on the stairs/platform outside for a while. But why sit for a while? Answer ~ Tradition is that after visiting any temple, we come out and sit for a while on the foot of the temple. Do you know what is the reason for this tradition?

I This ancient tradition is made for a specific purpose. In fact, quietly sitting on the foot of the temple, one should recite a shloka. People of today have forgotten this verse. Contemplate this shloka and share it with the next generation also.
The shloka is like this~ *अनायासेन मरणम् ,* *बिना देन्येन जीवनम्।* *देहान्त तव सानिध्यम् ,* *देहि मे परमेश्वरम्॥* * Anayasen Maranam * Bina denyen jeevanam.* *Dehanth tav saanidhyam,* *Dehi mey Parmeshwaram* The meaning:

Anayasen Maranam means that we should die with ease, without any trouble and never fall sick and be confined to the bed, don’t die by suffering but let our lives go as we go about daily life.
Bina denyen jeevanam means there should be no life of dependency. Never have to be with anyone for support. Just as a person becomes dependent on others when he is paralyzed, do not be paralyzed or helpless. By the grace of Thakur ji, (Krishna ji) life can be lived without being dependent and begging.
Dehante tav sanidhyam means that whenever death comes, let it be in God’s presence. As at the time of death of Bhishma Pitamah, Thakur (Krishna ji) himself stood in front of him. Let life be released while having this darshan.
Dehi mey Parmeshwaram O God, grant us such a boon.

Recite the above verse while praying to God. Do not ask for job, car, bungalow, boy, girl, husband, wife, house, money etc. (ie worldly things), this God himself gives you according to your eligibility. . That is why one must sit and pray this prayer after having darshan. This is a prayer, not a solicitation or begging. Prayer is not for worldly things like for home, business, job, son, daughter, worldly pleasures, wealth or other things, whatever is requested like this is begging. The word 'prarthana' means - 'pra' means 'special’, ‘best’, ‘highest’ and 'arthna' means request. Prayer thus means ‘special and highest request’. The darshan of God in the temple should always be done with open eyes. Some people stand there with their eyes closed. Why close our eyes, when we have come to see? Open your eyes and look at the form of God, nija-swarupa, of the divine feet, of the lotus face, of the shringar, take full enjoyment, fill your eyes with the beautiful nija-swarupa. When you then sit outside after darshan, then meditate on the form you have seen with your eyes closed. Meditate on your own soul within, closing your eyes and if God does not appear in meditation, then go back to the temple and have darshan again.



  1. Very informative. 🙂 Swami Vivekananda said in one of his lectures that to pray for anything apart from from Knowledge and Light is begging.

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