Demand for 🐄 cows

The demand for cow dung reached abroad, Kuwait placed a big order
Foreigners are also understanding the importance of dung, the packing of dung is being done under the supervision of the customs department, “In research, the use of cow dung increases production”.

Agricultural scientists of Kuwait, a Muslim-majority country, have claimed in a research that cow dung is very useful in farming. After this, India has got the order of cow dung from Kuwait for the first time. On June 15, 192 metric tonnes of indigenous cow dung will be sent from Jaipur to Kuwait.

◆ This order is being packed at Sunrise Organic Park at Shree Pinjrapol Gaushala on Tonk Road, Jaipur.
◆ The number of cattle in India is around 300 million. They get 30 lakh tonnes of cow dung daily. Thirty per cent of this is burnt as dung cakes
◆ In the UK six million units of electricity are produced every year from cow dung.
◆ Apart from this, dung gas is supplied to 15 crore households in China for domestic energy.
◆ In a research conducted by agricultural scientists in Kuwait, it has been found that the use of cow dung in the form of powder has shown an increase in the date crop.

Its use resulted in a significant increase in both fruit size and production. After this, Lamor, a Kuwaiti company, placed a large order of cow dung in India. The first consignment of this order will be sent from Kanakpura station to Mumbai on June 15, from where it will be sent to Kuwait.

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  1. Dr Shivdarshan Malik, from Haryana Innovates Cow Dung Plaster & Bricks With Neem To Keep Homes 7 Degrees Cooler 😇

    But export of cow dung in a Muslim country is very proud moment for India, but don’t know when we understood the importance of our roots/culture

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