Definition of Hinduism

Swami Chinmayanandaji was a renowned saint. Once, a ‘secular’ minded journalist, who generally show Hinduism in poor light, vis a vis other religions, asked a question to Swamiji:

Q: “Who is the founder of Islam?”

A: Prophet Mohammad.

Q: Who is the founder of Christianity?

A: Jesus Christ.

Q: Who is the founder of Hinduism?

Thinking that Swamiji has no answer,

the lady journalist proceeded:

“There is no founder and hence, Hinduism is not a religion or Dharma at all.”

A: Then, Swamiji said:

“You are right.!”

Hinduism is not a religion. It is a Science.

She did not understand that.

Swamiji put some more questions to her.

Q: “Who is the founder of Physics?”

Ans: “No one person.”

*Q:- *Who is the founder of Chemistry?”*

Ans: “No one person.”

Q: “Who is the founder of Biology?”

Ans: “No single person.”

“Many many persons, from time to time, contributed to the wealth of knowledge of any Science.”

Swamiji continued:

“Hindu Dharma is a Science, developed over the centuries, contributed by saints and sages for giving right direction to the society by their own research and experiences .”

“Islam has only one book -Quran.”

“Christianity has only one book -Bible.”

“But for Hinduism, I can take you to a library and show you hundreds of books.”

“Because, Hinduism is a scientific religion- called Sanatana Dharma -“ *" 🙏🏻Eternal Dharma. 🙏🏻"*

The most accurate definition


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