लघु कथा

गुरु श्री रामकृष्ण परमहंस अपने शिष्यों को गंगा नदी के किनारे उपदेश दे रहे थे। स्वामी विवेकानंद भी उनके साथ बैठे थे।

तभी अचानक कुत्तों के भौंकने के हलचल सुनाई पड़ी। एक कुत्ता वहां के कूड़ेदान से एक हड्डी अपने मुंह में दबाए तेज़ से दौड़ी। बाकी कुत्ते उसके पीछे भौंकते हुए भागने लगे।

गुरूजी अपने चेलों से इस दृश्य को देखकर अपने मन की बात कहने की आदेश दी। एक ने कहा कुत्ते का आदत दूसरों को दिए बिना खाना। दूसरे ने कहा, बलवान की जीत, तीसरे ने कहा, दुष्ट होने के नाते वह कुत्ता सबसे पहले किसी को छूने तक न देकर उस हड्डी को अपने कब्जे में ले लिया।

आखिर स्वामी विवेकानंद ने कहा, भगवान को जानने वाले उस कुत्ते जो चैन से हड्डी की स्वाद ले रही है, उसी तरह अपने मन में शांतिपूर्वक भगवान को महसूस करते हैं। भगवान को जो पहचान नहीं सकते वे भौंकने वाले कुत्तों की तरह बकवास करते रहते हैं।

जय श्री रामकृष्ण परमहंस, स्वामी विवेकानंद गुरु महाराज की। 🙏🙏

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Don’t compare

An elephant and a dog became pregnant at the same time. Three months down the line, the dog gave birth to six puppies. Six months later, the dog was pregnant again, and nine months on it gave birth to another dozen puppies. The pattern continued.

On the eighteenth month the dog approached the elephant questioning, “Are you sure that you are pregnant? We became pregnant on the same date. I have given birth three times to a dozen puppies and they are now grown to become big dogs, yet you are still pregnant. What’s going on?”

The elephant replied, “There is something I want you to understand. What I am carrying is not a puppy but an elephant. I only give birth to one in two years. When my baby hits the ground, the earth feels it. When my baby crosses the road, human beings stop and watch in admiration, what I carry draws attention. So what I’m carrying is mighty and great.”

Don’t lose faith when you see others receive answers to their prayers in what seems like record time.

Don’t be envious of others’ testimony. If you haven’t received your own blessings, don’t despair. Say to yourself “My time is coming, and when it hits the surface of the earth, people shall yield in admiration.”

Do not compare your journey to anyone else’s

Stay blessed my family.

Source: Unknown

Health care

  1. The STOMACH
    is injured when
    you do not have
    breakfast in the
  2. The KIDNEYS
    are injured when
    you do not even
    drink 10 glasses
    of water in 24
    is injured when
    you do not even
    sleep until 11
    o’clock and do not
    wake up to the
  4. The SMALL
    injured when you
    eat cold and stale
  5. The LARGE
    injured when you
    eat more fried
    and spicy food.
  6. The LUNGS are
    injured when you
    breathe in smoke
    and stay in
    environment of
  7. The LIVER is
    injured when you
    eat heavy fried
    food, junk, and
    fast food.
  8. The HEART is
    injured when you
    eat your meal with
    more salt and
    is injured when
    you eat sweet
    things because
    they are tasty and
    freely available.
  10. The Eyes are
    injured when you
    work in the light
    of mobile phone
    and computer
    screen in the
  11. The Brain is
    injured when you
    start thinking
  12. The SOUL gets
    injured when you
    don’t have family
    and friends to
    care and share
    with you in life
    their love,
    sorrow and joy. All these body
    parts are NOT
    available in the
    market. So take good
    care and keep
    your body parts

💐 We Know Water is
important but never
knew about the
Special Times one
has to drink it.. !! Did you ???

💦 Drinking Water at the
Right Time ⏰
Maximizes its
effectiveness on the
Human Body; 1⃣ 1 Glass of Water after waking up - 🕕⛅ helps to activate internal organs.. 2⃣ 1 Glass of Water 30 Minutes 🕧 before a Meal - helps digestion.. 3⃣ 1 Glass of Water before taking a Bath 🚿 - helps lower your blood pressure. 4⃣ 1 Glass of Water before going to Bed - 🕙 avoids Stroke or Heart Attack. 'When someone shares something of value with you and you benefit from it, You have a moral obligation to share it with others too.' So..., DO yours!..

Dr . SwatiAyurvedacharya, oncologist and gold medalist in nadipariksha

I’m sharing this forwarded message . Useful information 😊

अक्षय तृतीया

अक्षय तृतीया, चैत्र मास के शुक्ल पक्ष के तृतीया दिन की बहुत ही विशेषता है।

महाविष्णु के परशुराम के अवतार इसी दिन हुआ। पुण्य नदी गंगा मैया इसी दिन हमारे धरती पर आविष्कार हुई। त्रेतायुग का आरंभ अक्षय तृतीया के दिन हुआ। इसी दिन में अपने बचपन के दोस्त श्री कृष्ण से कुचेल का मुलाकात हुई। वेदव्यास महाभारत ग्रंथ का लेखन अक्षय तृतीया के दिन में ही शुरू किए। पांडवों को वनवास काल में अक्षय पात्र इसी दिन मिली। जगत्गुरु श्री आदिशंकराचार्य अक्षय तृतीया के दिन में ही कनकधारा स्तोत्र द्वारा एक गरीब महिला को दारिद्रय् से मुक्ति करवाए। धनाधिपती कुबेर को अपना खोया हुआ दौलत इसी दिन वापस मिला। माता अन्नपूर्णा देवी की आगमन अक्षय तृतीया के दिन में हुई।

अक्षय तृतीया के दिन दान – धर्म करने के लिए सही दिन माना जाता है। कहा जाता है कि, इस दिन में यदि हम छिपकली को देखें तो हमारे सारे परेशानियां दूर हो जाती है।


Question~ After darshan in the temple, sit down on the stairs/platform outside for a while. But why sit for a while? Answer ~ Tradition is that after visiting any temple, we come out and sit for a while on the foot of the temple. Do you know what is the reason for this tradition?

I This ancient tradition is made for a specific purpose. In fact, quietly sitting on the foot of the temple, one should recite a shloka. People of today have forgotten this verse. Contemplate this shloka and share it with the next generation also.
The shloka is like this~ *अनायासेन मरणम् ,* *बिना देन्येन जीवनम्।* *देहान्त तव सानिध्यम् ,* *देहि मे परमेश्वरम्॥* * Anayasen Maranam * Bina denyen jeevanam.* *Dehanth tav saanidhyam,* *Dehi mey Parmeshwaram* The meaning:

Anayasen Maranam means that we should die with ease, without any trouble and never fall sick and be confined to the bed, don’t die by suffering but let our lives go as we go about daily life.
Bina denyen jeevanam means there should be no life of dependency. Never have to be with anyone for support. Just as a person becomes dependent on others when he is paralyzed, do not be paralyzed or helpless. By the grace of Thakur ji, (Krishna ji) life can be lived without being dependent and begging.
Dehante tav sanidhyam means that whenever death comes, let it be in God’s presence. As at the time of death of Bhishma Pitamah, Thakur (Krishna ji) himself stood in front of him. Let life be released while having this darshan.
Dehi mey Parmeshwaram O God, grant us such a boon.

Recite the above verse while praying to God. Do not ask for job, car, bungalow, boy, girl, husband, wife, house, money etc. (ie worldly things), this God himself gives you according to your eligibility. . That is why one must sit and pray this prayer after having darshan. This is a prayer, not a solicitation or begging. Prayer is not for worldly things like for home, business, job, son, daughter, worldly pleasures, wealth or other things, whatever is requested like this is begging. The word 'prarthana' means - 'pra' means 'special’, ‘best’, ‘highest’ and 'arthna' means request. Prayer thus means ‘special and highest request’. The darshan of God in the temple should always be done with open eyes. Some people stand there with their eyes closed. Why close our eyes, when we have come to see? Open your eyes and look at the form of God, nija-swarupa, of the divine feet, of the lotus face, of the shringar, take full enjoyment, fill your eyes with the beautiful nija-swarupa. When you then sit outside after darshan, then meditate on the form you have seen with your eyes closed. Meditate on your own soul within, closing your eyes and if God does not appear in meditation, then go back to the temple and have darshan again.


शगुन का लिफाफा

On an auspicious occasion like a birthday, engagement or marriage, sometimes we prefer giving a “शगुन का लिफाफा” instead of a gift item. But the money we put in the envelope is never like Rs. 100, 500 or 1000; but it is always Rs. 101, 501 or 1001.

Have you ever thought why we add that extra one rupee in the शगुन का लिफाफा 🤔 ? Well, there are four age-old reasons for doing that:

1 > “Zero” signifies an end, while “One” signifies a new beginning. That extra one rupee ensures that the receiver does not come across a zero.

2 > Mathematically, the numbers 100, 500 and 1000 are divisible; but the numbers 101, 501 and 1001 are indivisible. शगुन is a blessing, and we simply want our good wishes and blessings to remain indivisible.

3 > The added one rupee is a symbol of continuity, ahead of the basic amount. It strengthens the bond between the giver and the receiver. It simply means, “our good relationship will continue”.

4 > However, the added rupee must be a coin, and never a one rupee note. A coin is made of metal, which comes from Mother Earth 🌍 and it is considered to be an अंश or a part of Goddess Lakshmi. While the bigger amount is an investment, the one rupee coin is the “seed” for further growth of that investment. Your good wishes and blessings are for the investment to grow in either cash, kind or karma.



I was waiting at the bus stand to go to my hometown. The bus had not yet arrived at the bus stand.

I was sitting there reading a book.

Seeing me, a girl of about 10 years of age came to me and said, “Sir, please buy these pens, I will give you four pens for Rs.10. I am very hungry, I will get to eat something.”

There was a little boy with her too, maybe her brother.

I said, “Well I don’t need a pen.”

Her next question was very sweet, “Then how will we eat something?”

I said, “I don’t want a pen, but you will definitely eat something.”

I had two packets of biscuits in my bag. I took out both the packets, and handed one to each of them. But I was surprised beyond limit when she returned one packet and said, “Sir ji! One is enough, we will share it.”

I was utterly surprised to hear this!

I said again, “It’s okay, you keep both. It doesn’t matter.”

That girl’s reply shook me to my core, my soul. She said, “Then what will you eat?”

In this world, where people earning crores of billions keep humanity aside and rob people wildly in the name of success, a hungry girl taught me the ultimate lesson of humanity.

I said to myself, this is what soul-satisfied people look like… Don’t take so much from someone out of greed that we eat their share as well..!! ♾️

“There is a fundamental principle- give more than take. These qualities are manifested in a person who has grown through spiritual practice and self-study.”


In last 10 years, TEN major reasons for degradation of financial situation of a family :

  1. Everyone in family owns smartphone.
  2. Vacations under social pressure.
  3. Buying a car & gadgets as a status symbol.
  4. Avoiding home made food and unnecessarily eating out on weekends.
  5. Brand conscious for salons, parlours and clothes. Spoiled lifestyle increasing medical expenses.
  6. Trying to make Birthday and anniversary special by spending more money rather than time together.
  7. Grand weddings and family functions.
  8. Commercialization of Hospitals, Schools and tuitions.. education…etc.
  9. Spending what you haven’t yet earned…by loans and credit cards…
  10. Spending tons of money on interiors of house & office and thereby increasing the Maintenance cost….

We are copying others’ lifestyle without understanding our own needs and income. If this does not get curtailed, it will lead to lots more stress and anxiety with passing years (as habits don’t change).

  • Brilliant message
    I felt it to be worth sharing, as it applies to most of us.


An Indian left his job in India and joined a salesman’s job in a big departmental store in Canada!!

On the first day, the Indian worked with full vigour.

At 6 pm…..

Boss :- “How much of sales did you do on the first day?”

Indian : “Sir, I attended to 1 Sales call.”

Boss : “Only 1 sale the whole day? Usually every salesman here does 20 to 30 Sale transactions a day. Well, tell me what is the value of your today’s one sale?”

Indian : “$93300….!”

Boss : “What?? Unbelievable! But how did you do that?”

Indian : “Sir, 1 customer came in and I sold him a small fishing hook. Then a mazola and then finally sold a big hook. Then I sold him 1 big fishing rod and some fishing gear…”

“Then I asked him where does he go to catch fish and he said to the coastal area….”

“Then I said to him that he would need a boat. So I took him down to the boat department and sold him a 20 ft double engine scooner boat.”

“When he said the boat won’t come in his Volkas Wagon, I took him to the auto mobile section and sold him the new Deluxe 4 x 4 blazer to carry the boat.”

“And when I asked him where he would be going fishing ??? He didn’t plan anything. So I took him to the camping section and sold him a six sleeper camper tent.”

“And then he took groceries worth $ 200 and 2 cases of beer….!”

Now the boss took 2 steps back and asked :- “You sold all this to a person who came just to buy only 1 fish hook???”

Indian : “NO, SIR… He actually came in to Buy 1 Tablet For his Headache…. I explained to him that ‘Fishing’is the Best Way to Get Rid of Headaches!!”

Boss : “Where did you work before ???”

Indian : “I was a PRO in a private hospital in India. For any patient who would come in for any ‘Minor Complaint’, we would get the Patient Tested for Pathology, ECO, ECG, TMT, CT SCAN, X-Ray, MRI etc.”

Boss : “Will You please be in my chair for a while? Meanwhile I shall go to India and join a Private Hospital for Training.”